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UnderCity (UnderGrad) – cultural heritage – Exploration, documenting, and presentation of Belgrade underground facilities (passages, dungeons, caves), which can, after reconstruction, increase the overall cultural offer.

This research shall provide information about the dynamic history of the city, and contribute to presentation of Belgrade`s cultural and historical heritage. The aim of this project is to record objects, as many as possible, and to give them utility value. These underground spaces attracted attention of citizens and tourists.

The project consists of two segments: exploration and presentation of the Belgrade`s underworld. The survey is designed to consist of analytical and field work. Analytical research consists of a review available bibliographic, historical and archival material about Belgrade`s underworld. Collected material would be systematized and digitized, and would present a first database of its kind in the area. Field research involves visiting certain locations and documenting baseline data, and it will be starting point for the study. During the fieldwork, a series of photographs of underground facilities states will be taken. All recorded material will be included in presentations.

The second segment of this project requires processing and presentation of research results and data received from the survey. For this purpose, and with a goal of looking at the problem of exploitation of the underground spaces from different perspectives, several work groups of the scientists and experts from different fields will be formed.


Date: February 13, 2017